Beautiful Natural Looking Dentures

Handmade and fitted by Lee Torrington

Lee Torrington

Lee is a dental technician who is able to not only hand-craft your new dentures, but can do all of the impressions and other steps required. Lee is able to discuss exactly what you want and will work with you to make and fit your new comfortable, stable, great looking dentures, giving you :

  • Confidence when you smile
  • Confidence when you eat
  • Confidence when you speak

Every smile is unique

At St Peters Dental Practice we believe that every smile is unique, not only that but well made dentures can improve the appearance of your whole face. Not only will you benefit from Lee’s excellent craftsmanship and use of the latest techniques but by working directly with him you will have maximum control over the appearance of your new teeth.

If you are looking for full dentures then you can book a FREE No Obligation appointment directly with Lee, if you have any teeth remaining then you will need to be seen by one of our dentists first of all just to check that there are no problems before you see Lee to have your new dentures made.

Why choose St Peters Dental Practice

Why come to have your new dentures made at St Peters Dental Practice

1 – We understand that every smile is unique
2 – We use the highest quality materials and techniques
3 – By working directly with Lee you are completely involved in the appearance of your new teeth
4 – We are easy to get to and have plenty of on-site parking
5 – Our ground floor surgery has easy disabled access

Lee is available on Tuesday mornings for appointments and will be happy to see you to make your new dentures for you.

Typically new dentures will take about 4 weeks to make depending on the design.